Update Week #1

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    Software - We've redesigned a beautiful new user interface, which should make Dot a seamless user experience. Adding on to this, we're making sure our Bluetooth connectivity is as stable and reliable as possible. We are also in the process of integrating IFTTT. We'll follow up on this post later in the week with a video of our range sensing working with a LIFX bulb on a demo app.

    Hardware - We're in the Design for Manufacturer phase, so we are creating a sleeker version of our case and working on the button. We are continuing to source manufacturers in the United States. Our priority is quality and manufacturing time. For the button, we are looking into using the same springs that Apple uses for their keyboards. We also built a test board of 14 different LEDs to make sure we are finding the most power efficient, light diffusing option. In general, we are going back over our entire board design to optimize for space, efficiency, cost, and form.

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