Triggering zone events

  • I'm not sure if this is a new problem since the recent app update, but I'm finding that zone entering and zone exiting actions set up either through the app or via IFTTT just don't trigger unless my phone display is on (i.e. the display is woken from display off state) AND the phone is unlocked.

    It's making the dots pretty much useless as I can't rely on them at all and it's impractical to have to walk around with my phone unlocked and it's display on all the time to trigger actions. Given that the trigger actions are for lighting, then not turning lights on is pretty pointless, and more importantly leaving them on after exiting an area has a financial implication.

    Is this intentional or a bug?

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    This is definitely a bug. Was this working for you in previous patches or at any point since your received your product?

  • It seemed to be working up until the recent patch. Now it's really hit and miss, but often does need my phone to be in the state as described above before it triggers.

  • With little to no support forthcoming, and being left with a completely unreliable product, my iotas are probably going to end up where the majority of others' no doubt will - as landfill! I've removed the lighting recipes from my iotas, because really - what is the point?

    For the person asking in another post where you can buy them - do yourself a favour and just don't bother, and that way you'll save yourself a headache and your money!

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    Sorry for dropping the ball on this. It's been tough for us to nail down the specific problem, because this seems to be working for the majority of our users, and us as well. Have you turned off location services for the Iota app? Furthermore, are your iotas having ranging issues? @grant_iota @rishabh_iota

  • Sorry but I don't have time to waste either trying to attempt fixes (if indeed they were ever forthcoming) for an obviously flawed product, or having to wait a week between replies. It's a garbage product that's nothing like the original concept, and so I'm redeploying it to its rightful place - in the garbage!

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