So far not so great, I'm Disappointed....

  • So I received my dots today.

    What I have found so far is I am unable to get the dots to do anything apart from pair with my phone and update the firmware.

    When I opened the box, I was unsure what it was, as the Dots that I had backed do not look anything like what I have received. (I am disappointed in the design and lack of a guide)

    I have tried to get the dot to work with my Lifx bulbs (unable to get it to do anything)
    I have tried to get it to work with facebook and nothing happens.
    The LED does nothing apart from light up when the firmware is updating.
    Pressing the button again does nothing (unless you press it too many times or hold it in then it reset it or something as I had to repair it for it to show up again)

    Tried to setup the weather but that also does not work as its set for the US and fahrenheit (what about the rest of the words that uses celsius eg 98% of it, here is an image showing this

    So far it feels like I have backed a flop and that's very disappointing.


  • Same here. I bought 5. my main problem with the hardware is the variable response time on entering "the zone" or pressing the dot's button. Second to that I would say the life expectancy of the battery is extremely variable or otherwise the dots behaviours. Third I find that pressing the button is usually required anywhere between 1 and 6 times to get the action executed. And lastly the use cases are theoretically huge but practically none. The 5 I have are gathering dust because at the time of writing:

    1. Leaving Bluetooth notes only works with Facebook, a design choice and can understand but consider a faux-pas given I can't recall this being a requirement during announcement of the feature
    2. HUE, forget it, doesn't connect.
    3. Ifttt, you guessed it, various issues.

    What is great though is the engagement of the people running the project and this board. They're responsive and compelled to sort problems out.

    That's said, 100$ for toys that don't function is problematic. Fortunately there are no health risks. :) I've decided not to back up any kick starters anymore in the tech area. I'm just too disappointed or have expected too much based on the excellent communicated previews (marketing at work?) of the product.

  • @mindfuse +1 on battery life burn. I have churned through multiple batteries and I am a very light user.

  • administrators

    @mindfuse What specific issues are you experiencing with IFTTT?

  • @kunal_iota

    Update on my last communication:

    1. battery life - this may actually not be a case of the batteries, but of the iOS app going dormant in the background? I found that restarting iota app suddenly revives dots I thought had gone dead. What put me on this idea is the IFTTT app which reports on-screen when iOS puts it to sleep. Is it possible that this may happen with iota?
    2. Hue, now works like a charm for the time being. Well done team!
    3. IFTTT, now works like a charm since the last update. Well done again team!

    Special thanks to @kunal_iota for keeping on top of the matter!

  • @kunal_iota

    Hi Kunal,

    I've just received my product after having to pay over £11 GBP to release the item from Royal Mail, which I wasn't happy about considering the price of the unit.

    Unfortunately when I first tried the product it didn't work properly. Now the iOS app crashes instantly whenever I try to do anything.

    I'm not satisfied with the product (the design is so different to the one advertised, and it's faulty), the app (it just crashes and quits, and also has terrible design), nor the late delivery.

    Because I'm not able to use this item, I'd like to arrange a refund with you please.

    Thanks for your help.

  • administrators

    @jchaps21 I messaged you on Kickstarter about this, but usually the app crashes have to do with settings on your phone with Facebook, Notifications, or location services. Did you create an account through Facebook? Please DM me, so I can help get your product working. As for the VAT, that's an issue you'll have to take up with your local government.

    In your message, please let me know what's faulty with the product, as well as what with the app design you dislike.

  • @kunal_iota I've just sent you a DM on Kickstarter explaining all the issues I have. I look forward to receiving your response and refund. Thanks!

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