Android cancelled ?

  • Hi I'v just received email from kickstarter for refund with title :

         Kunal Chaudhary says:
          Android Canceled.

    No news, no update only this lonely short message. I'm very disapointed.

  • Well, then I have no use for a Dot.... Don't have any apple-stuff....

  • No news on kickstarter pages. And always talk about Android tools : Android tools

    I'm very angry.

  • administrators

    I apologize, we were going to make a larger announcement once we got through the refunds. As it stands, the iOS app is taking most of our time. We don't feel confident we can provide a quality Android app in a timely manner. As such, we've refunded our Android backers.

  • Too bad.... Then I feel obliged to ask for the refund too.

    Hope you'll get it done in the future... Good luck...

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