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  • Ive been playing around with writing some code in the IDE and have a general question about the proper steps. Its unclear how to get an updated program to my iota as I work on it. I usually get it to work eventually but I go thru lots of saves, debug, add/remove, logout/in to IOS app.

    I realize the iotas/IDE/app are still in the early stages so its not bothering me that things are a little buggy. Just trying to understand what the best steps are.

    Here are my questions,

    • Do I need to save an update and then go to Debug and Run the update? Or is saving it enough to get it "republished"?

    • Do I need to remove and then add the program in the iOS app to get the changes to be picked up?

    • Whats the right steps to get a new program? It seems like when I create one it doesnt show up on my iOS app without some fiddling.

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    @mbattistello Technically the only flow you need to do is click. This is enough to get it republished:

    1. Run
    • This will cause your script to appear in the settings screen of your Iota as unsaved (unless it was already saved as something else)

    But to have your script saved under a certain name, you must click save before running. The new script should always appear in the Iota app in the specific Iota screen if you get the notification saying "Running code...".

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