Weather settings

  • Any guidelines how to set up the weather location of you're not US based?

  • Support for Celsius would be great for us Canadians!

  • I'm trying this out in Germany. It seems to work, though I've not verified the range specification.

    For Germany:
    Postal code, 5 digits, wherever you are
    Country: DE
    Range suggestion Fahrenheit: top down: 85 75 60 45.

    When entering the zone the dot will slowly flash the colour of the range that you are just above. So by my example it is green today because we're above 60 but below 75.

  • It would be awesome to use this in Canada - with celsius and zip codes that aren't 5-digit american ones!

  • Here in italy missing celsius too and adeguate weather app

  • Why is the weather only for the US ?
    There is a whole bigger world out there that supported you and you find another way to crap on the majority of us yet again.

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