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  • I've now got my dots/iotas, I've installed the app, push the button on the iota but nothing happens! the app doesn't find the iota, the LED doesn't light on the iota.

    Am I missing something obvious? I've tired will all 5 iotas and same results, nothing!

  • same here - no connection (running on iPhone 5s with iOS 10.3.1).
    when I push the button on the iota the bluetooth logo on the iPhone blinks (twice) but the app doesn't seem to recognice the dot/iota.

  • Do you see anything being available in the bluetooth settings on the iPhone, I'm not even getting that as far as I can tell!

  • no, I don't see anything in the bluetooth settings... just that blinking bluetooth logo on the top right in the iPhone screen after pushing the iota physical button...

  • Hopefully @kunal_iota are reading this and can help resolve the issue!

  • administrators

    @Rosche @gflvern One very important thing to note is that you should NOT try to pair with the Dot through your bluetooth settings. If you've done this, you may be experiencing problems related to that, so let me know.

    As for the app not finding your iotas, @gflvern on the add iota screen, none of the 5 iotas appear at any point? Is your bluetooth turned on?

    @Rosche same question applies to you.

  • @kunal_iota I'm not even seeing the iotas via the settings so not trying to pair via Bluetooth settings.

    Yes, Bluetooth is switched on and none of the iotas show within the app.

    Do I just press the button once?

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    @gflvern The iotas should show up without even pressing the button. I'm going to need to pull in @grant_iota to help debugging this. But, rest assured, we will get to the bottom of this!

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    @gflvern Are you using iPhone 5s as well?

    @gflvern , @Rosche Let's try a completely different approach. Can you download the nRF Connect App from the App Store? Launch the app and let me know if you see anything.

  • @anuj_iota that shows 5x Dot Prototypes

    I'm on a 7+ running 10.3.1


  • Hi,

    I'm having the same problem with my dot too! iPhone 5 running iOS 10.3.1.

    Downloaded nRF connect and it can see my dot

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    @gflvern What range level are your Dots at? 1x? 3x?

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    @gflvern On top of that, how close are you to the dots when you have the app open, as seen in your image?

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    @gflvern Thank you for that screen shot. So it looks like the Iotas are pinging, but the signal strength is too weak to be registered by the app. If it was just 1 or 2 weak Iotas out of 5, I would think you have bad units, but I think for all 5 to be bad is unlikely. Do you have a case on your phone? Are you holding the phone from the top half? Either might block bluetooth signals. Could you try placing 1 or 2 Iotas right next to the phone, with no case, while it is flat on a table and take another screen shot? We are looking for signal strength at least -85 dBm or higher.

  • @anuj_iota screen shot attached is with two next to the phone, whilst flat on table, case removed.

    The iota app still doesn't find them even when they are right next to the phone.

    Early screen shot was with all 5 iotas about 1m away.


  • Hi @kunal_iota just attached two screenshots showing my iota next to my phone with the same issue - do i need a replacement dot or is it down to my iPhone 5 running 10.3.1?!?

    1_1494765143143_2017-05-14 13.22.06.jpg 0_1494765143141_2017-05-14 13.21.54.jpg

  • @anuj_iota and @kunal_iota - I also downloaded the nRF connect app and placed the iotas right next to the phone. As you see in my screenshot the signal strength is above -85 dBm, but the iotas still don't appear in the iota app... Any further suggestions?

  • Any update on this @anuj_iota, @kunal_iota, @grant_iota, at the moment I've got 5 iotas that are next to useless?!

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    We are taking a look at it. It doesn't seem to be a dead dot issue, but rather something on the firmware end. Or that's our running theory.

  • @kunal_iota thanks. Assuming they'll be a way to update the firmware without the app or will you need to push a new app version?

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    @gflvern Yea, we're trying to come to a solution quickly. We'll update you when we have one. If not, worst case scenario, I can send you some replacements.

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