Cover do not respect the desigh cover

  • How could Dot resolve that?

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    Sorry, could you clarify your question?

  • I think the complaint is that the dots we received do not respect the final image announcement of the covers. I'm not impressed by this myself.

  • @mindfuse +1 the rubber buttons are huge. I would have only ordered white if I had known this.

  • @kunal_iota i'm talking about the design of the cover...

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    We are looking into ways of making our case better. In the meantime we are planning to release our other case designs, so people with 3D printers, or access to them, can customize the Dots to their preferences.

  • Honestly the shipped product has nothing to do with the pledged version when it comes to appearance. A badly made rubber doorstop is what was shipped to me at least. It looks like something you would send out for developers to work with just to verify the tech. Not a finished product by any means. That and the fact that LED doesn't seem to work makes me wonder if I have might have received an internal dot/iota that wasn't intended for external use?

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    @Fred42 Admittedly our manufacturing process wasn't as smooth as it could have been. We definitely didn't approach the case in the correct manner. As for the LED, what problems are you experiencing with it? Is it not turning on at all? Are you testing it with any specific apps?

  • @kunal_iota Hi!

    The only way to make the LED light up is to run a firmware update routine. Pressing it or coming into range doesn't do anything. And there is a severe delay between coming into range and actually getting a notification posted on the phone. Up to 10 minutes which completely defeats the purpose.


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    @Fred42 said in Cover do not respect the desigh cover:

    he phone. Up to 10 minutes which completely defeats the purpose.

    This is definitely not intended functionality, nor is it a bug we've ever encountered. I forwarded this to the team to see why it's broken.

  • @kunal_iota Hi! Not a stranger to backing tech start-ups I must say that this is the only time I feel like requesting a full refund! Total silence and a product that has nothing to do with the product I backed. I am inches from from filing a fraud investigation request with Kikstarter. Please DM me so we can part ways in an orderly fashion.

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