How can I make a note for someone else (Facebook contact)?

  • I only can select "Me" as the addressee.

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    You must sign up with facebook, or link your account. Your friends must also download the app and sign up with facebook(they must have their own dots).

  • So to send notes to others in your house you all need a Facebook account?

  • Facebook? That's a joke I hope. In bought dots so I could send notes via Bluetooth and not via an online service.

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    Facebook was the most secure and easiest way of verifying your friends so that you could send messages to them. It's still sent with bluetooth, but we used Facebook as the Friend's system rather than building our own with your contact book and phone numbers.

  • @kunal_iota I still don't get why it has to be limited to a "friend system". What's harmful about me asking my dot to light up when "" passes by it, even if this person is neither my friend, nor real? Is that a real concern to the iota universe/operations? Would it leave the environment wide open to hackers and bring us doom?

  • @kunal_iota so in order to share with someone else they need their own iota. Please say that this is a typo!

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    @Fred42 Your friends can also add YOUR iota to their account. Actions will trigger when they come in range of any Iota they have added to their account (ie, discovered with their app), it doesn't have to be "theirs". You can have a bunch of people add a single Iota and any of them will receive a message when they come in range.

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    @mindfuse The specific scenario you describe can be done without Facebook/Friends, no problem. You simply install the Iota Connect app on "superstar"s phone, they discover the Iota in question and set it to run the mod to light up when they are nearby. Done, you can now have your Iota light up when this other person walks by, no need to be Facebook friends.

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