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    As we continue to build out the application and different integrations, we want hear your best Dot use case ideas! Let's push the boundaries of what our product can do. As the next 6 months progress, we'll be building out small little demos to show you all based off of your suggestions. We can't promise that every use case idea will make it into the initial Dot launch app, but there's a good chance it will make it into Dot's app store down the line.

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  • @kunal_iota I would really like to use dot as a smartthings presence and/or motion sensor. It seems like it'd be a bit more accurate and able to identify individuals than a motion sensor would, but we'd still need smartthings to "understand" the output from the dot in the form of a momentary switch, and a per-person "motion" or "presence" sensor if "beacon" type sensors don't exist (I don't know, because I've never had one and never looked for it in the smartthings docs).

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    @squizzeak The prime advantages of our Dot over a motion sensor is that we can activate devices at a larger, more specific range. We can identify exactly who you are, and even figure out what you're doing. This allows your devices to not only turn on, but have custom setting based on who you are, exactly where you are, and what you're doing. I'll look into the synergy between us and Smart Things to see if a network between Dots and motion sensors would be useful, and what steps we would need to take to get them to work together.

  • I'll second the SmartThings integration. IFTTT is a minimum but direct integration with SmartThings would be huge.

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    @leedjones Yea IFTTT has huge problems with polling and consistency. We plan to directly integrate with as many devices and services as possible.

  • I would like to use the DOT´s in combination with Homey.
    So I can position people around the house, who is in and who´s not, and arrange the house automation accordingly

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    @Postlie We are currently in talks with Homey to move our partnership forward!

  • Right away, I want to integrate the dot with Amazon Echo, maybe through IFTTT. I can certainly think about two scenarios right away: (1) when pressing the dot Echo will create a timer of X amount of minutes; and (2) when I am close enough to one of the dots Echo will play music from Spotify.

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    @dioshy We are definitely going to integrate with Both Amazon Echo and Google Home!

  • @kunal_iota Please explain what the difference between "direct" integration to a device vs using IFTTT (indirect)?

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    @oldude59 A direct integration to a device is usually a lot quicker and more fluid than IFTTT. IFTTT has very low polling rates and high latency, causing it be bad for some hardware integrations.

  • You should look at integration with Home Assistant. It is awesome!

  • Wemo integration would be awesome!

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