3D Printed Mounts, Covers, etc for Dot

  • Hey,

    Just got my Dot today and although I managed to connect it to my iPhone 5s running ios10, I haven't actually done anything with it yet. Instead I'm busy thinking about how to make this thing less ugly. I mean WOAH! This thing hit every branch of the ugly tree on its way down. It's nowhere near as discreet as the photos on the website and kickstarter would lead you to believe, which is a big negative for me. The big blue rubber cover is ridiculous.

    As opposed to just moan, I have a 3D printer and intend to start working on some alternative housing options that I will make available for free via this forum if anyone is interested.


  • @GonZoUK I fully agree the Dot is pretty ugly and does not resemble the images on the site by any means. I would almost call it misleading... Still happy I received it, but I would appreciate an update of the website and the store so they show the real thing that they are actually shipping.

  • administrators

    We weren't intentionally trying to mislead anyone. I apologize if you're unhappy with the case. We were transparent in our updates that we had to change it. @GonZoUK We also might be able to release some CAD files of our many alternative designs. I'll contact @anuj_iota to see if this is possible.

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