Connecting 2 phones to one Dot

  • I have 2 iphones connected to the same DOT. I am not able to leave a message for the second user. Any suggestions?

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    @rkooverjee Are both users connected with Facebook?

  • Hi Kunal. I'm sorry, but that is really a big let down. Who uses Facebook still these days? And why isn't it possible to select a iota account instead (if there is no way around a cloud service to make this possible)?

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    @mindfuse You don't have to use Facebook, you just need an account to pull in your friends list. Selecting an iota account is complicated because of security concerns. Basically if anyone got hold of your email, etc then they could see your iotas and leave creepy notes. To avoid this, we would have to do a complex Double Authentication, akin to friending another iota account, approving it, then enabling notes on that. As you can see, Facebook was by far the easiest and least complicated method.

  • Understood. I asked for this explanation in another thread. So, no need to respond there. ;)

  • @kunal_iota so i need to create a facebook account to use this function?? i never wanted to use any social network at all... please let me know is there another way to leave message/note between me and my girl, thank you

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    @sommo Unfortunately at the moment, the only way to leave a message for another is through Facebook.

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