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  • My first Dot use case was in my car. Programmed the Dot to load Waze which didn't working exactly as expected.

    1 - Waze did NOT load automatically, it only PROMPTED me to click here to load.

    2 - Multiple times during my extended morning commute I was re-PROMPTED to click here to load Waze. Even though Waze was already loaded. And when I say multiple times, I mean enough where the Dot was lucky to survive the trip.

  • Any update on this?

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    @grant_iota Can take a look at this.

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    Hi Bruce, I have a couple of followup questions to help solve your problem.

    1. Do you know if the weather or any other LED applet was assigned to the same Iota? If so this is a known issue that should have hopefully been solved by our latest update. (Try DFUing the Iota if the problem is still persisting)

    2. The app should only prompt you to open Waze within our app the first time. This is an unavoidable issue from Apple's permissions. Did our app ask you for permission to open the Waze app on subsequent launches? Or automatically launch it from then on?

    1. No other apps were associated with this Iota. This was the 1st and only use for this device.

    2. The app did NOT ask for subsequent launch permission. It also never has launched automatically.

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