Unable to connect to Hue hub

  • When trying to use Iota with Phillips Hue for Smart Lighting, the first message states "Please wait while we scan for nearby Bridges". A few seconds later, the message changes to "Please press the center button on your bridge." Pressing the button on the Philips bridge does not appear to do anything. Going back to the Iota, I can see that the Philips Hue service was added and there's a room name populated but I can't do anything with it.

    Am I missing something?

  • @va_lemon
    I have EXACTLY the same problem. Thanks for posting so clearly.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

  • administrators

    Thanks for reporting this, I'm going to have a look into it.

  • I have the same issue. Received my Dots yesterday. This is the first time trying to do anything with them. Nothing happens when I press the button on the Phillips Bridge.

  • Seeing the same issue here. It doesn't get past the "press the button" stage.

  • I have the exact same issue as well.

  • +1 for me

  • administrators

    We are in the process of uploading a patch to fix this problem. Please let me know if it works for you.

  • @kunal_iota
    By "patch", are you referring to the Iota Connect app (iOS)? If so, I updated to it today (Version 1.3), as well as updating the Iota firmware to "v2 Release", and unfortunately the same problem persists as described by the first poster to this thread.
    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

  • administrators

    Version 1.3 is the recent patch. You should get notified when the next patch is out (it's currently processing with the app store right now).

  • @kunal_iota
    Thanks very much. I will await its release.

  • administrators

    @OxfordHiker I've just been informed that this patch (1.3) is aimed at overall stability of the app. The patch after that, hopefully hitting this weekend, will have the philips hue fix.

  • @kunal_iota
    Thanks! Will be keeping an eye out for version 1.5.

  • Unable to connect to Hue Hub, nor IFTTT. I am currently only able to use Iota Dot items within the application itself. This looks like it is an application issue. Is there an ETA on when the next version will go out, with an attempt to fix all of these current issues? Is there any work around, at the moment?

  • administrators

    @sirpogo What specific problem are you experiencing with IFTTT?

  • @kunal_iota Similar problem listed here: http://community.doteverything.co/topic/42/ifttt-account-connection-not-working-on-mobile-phones

    When attempting to click on links like IFTTT or Hue, it is not connecting with any external links. There seems to be no work around, at the moment, until the app is updated. I've also attempted this from other mobile devices, and was not able to process further.

  • administrators

    @sirpogo I recommend trying to use IFTTT from a desktop computer. The mobile browser for some reason doesn't enable proper connection.

  • @kunal_iota Unfortunately, because I'm unable to link the IFTTT to the app itself, it's not registering the Iota Dots. So, I am not able to create or work with any of the Iota Dots with IFTTT. Is there an ETA on when the next version will be released, that may hopefully fix this issue?

    See Screenshot listed below:
    attached screenshot.

  • @kunal_iota So, yes. If you have registered your dots before this bug, you may be fine. However, if you've registered them after this bug was already out there, the Dots are dead in the water.

  • @kunal_iota Issues with IFTTT unable to trigger iota labs. I tried using the tado smart heating applet but it refuses to cooperate with iota "enter range". ![alt text](0_1494750821842_IMG_4015.PNG image url)

  • administrators

    @mindfuse IFTTT should be more stable now... can you and @sirpogo login through a desktop app, disconnect iota labs service, then reconnect and let me know if that works?

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