Dot and IFTTT

  • Really looking forward to Dot and IFTTT.
    Hopefully Presence will be fairly accurate with it.
    I currently have a homemade home automation system (detects presence and controls lights + tracks heating timings verses occupancy). It uses a Raspberry Pi and pings for phones.
    However iphones are not great at keeping wifi on in a reliable enough way.

    If the presence sensing is accurate the PI can have a camera fitted to be a burglar alarm as well, turn on motion sensing/saving to dropbox when motion is detected with no known people at home.

    This is probably a bit complex for most Dot users, but opens the possibilities for makers.

  • Just an update for those readers wondering what IFTTT status is at time of writing: it works like a charm. I control my heating with it when I walk into a room.

    I have another question though: how to implement these scenarios?

    1. when I enter iota zone X and sunset=yes, then turn on Hue room Y
    2. when I enter iota zone W and temperature outside above/below C/F notify me via Push to wear something

    IFTTT is fun, but very limited and switching on lights during the day is not desireable.

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