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  • Really waiting for my dots so presence-support can be put in every room. Have Homey ( unlock my doors when I walk to the shed, turn on the lamps in the room I'm in, play music automatically and shut down the house when I'm leaving... Hope they'll work together from the start or at least have a decent API so we can build the Homey-apps ourselves.

  • administrators

    @bvdbos We are actively looking into an integration with Homey. I love your vision of your day with automation. We want to make that happen!

  • this is my main reason for Dots as well but I use Home Assistitant ( which is Python based, so far have all my lights setup with voice control but will be great to just walk into a room and have the lights come on :)

    wondering how it would work for turning the lights off tho, eg: walk into bedroom and go to sleep, how will the dot know I have gone to bed and then send a command to turn the lights off, time based / motion based ?

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    @drak41 Your lights will definitely be able to turn on when you walk into a room. For turning lights off, you can set situations in which the Lighting use case won't run (Time periods, ranges, presence of other people). So for the going to sleep situation, you could possibly have Dot turn off lights in a room after a certain point in time. Our plan is to give you as many options as possible to allow you to customize it to your specific life/contexts.

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