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    Welcome to the Dot Forums! Feel free to ask any questions or share general thoughts about Dot, it's technology, and features.

  • What version of Bluetooth will be required to use this with an Android phone?

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    @andrewjb44 Dot requires Bluetooth Low Energy, which is available in Bluetooth 4.0 and higher.

  • What are the dimensions of the dot? Also, how is it going to attach to the area it is put on?

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    The Dot is going to be 1 inch in diameter and .5 inches in width. It's possible these dimensions could change slightly as we interface with manufacturers. But generally, we're aiming to make it as aesthetic and small as possible.

    We are experimenting with different sticking substances. We can update you guys in the testing process if you're interested, but right now we're trying everything from 3M Sticky Backs to different sticking polymers that we would speckle onto the Dot.

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