Update Week #6

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    Hey Dot Community,

    We’re excited to bring you another update. Over these past few weeks, we’ve made a lot of progress!


    We now have our digital post-it note/reminder system built out. Here’s a quick demo of how it works:


    We plan to build out a suite of SMS, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and Slack integrations so that you can message a Dot from any messaging service. This also means that friends without the Dot app can leave you location based messages. We’re making it easy to share the contact of your Dot, because now each Dot is associated with a phone number.


    This use case also demonstrates that we’ve also built out Dot sharing. We’ve made it so that you don’t need to pair in order for the Dot to work. This allows an infinite number of people to share the location functionality of one Dot. Furthermore, each person associated with the same Dot can have their own unique use cases running when they walk into range.

    A quick note on integrations: We’re currently building out our integration system. At this point, the core mobile application is done. In the coming months, we’ll be releasing a demo each time a new smart home device is added to our platform.

    Next update we'll be showing you our Use Case settings system. We're making it as easy as possible to make Dot do exactly what you want!

    Please leave comments below if you’d like to see the post-it notes system expanded even further, or if you have general ideas!


    We’ve finalized all of our materials and are starting to make our new cases and boards. We’re currently in talks with manufacturers in the United States. Our developer boards have arrived and we are currently using them to test our dev tools heavily before our upcoming developer beta program.

    Much of our work in the past month on hardware revolved around firmware improvements and integrations with the iBeacon protocol. Our emphasis is on very low latency and high polling rates so that all of our location triggers will occur in <.5s. This means you’ll never miss a Dot trigger, even if you run through a room!

    Developer Beta Program

    Iota Labs is proud to announce our developer beta program! In the coming week, many of you will be invited to join our ranks as a part of the first wave to contribute to Dot’s application platform. For those of you who are eligible, you will need to fill out a short questionnaire before we can send you a Dot. There are a limited number of developer spots available in the beta program, so make sure you fill it out as soon as you are able.

    The development beta includes early complimentary beta development boards along with access to our dev tools and community months before the official release. In addition, you will have the opportunity to work closely with the Iota Labs team to build and test the earliest use cases. Our platform consists of javascript tools that allow developers to customize native notifications, web requests, proximity triggers, user settings, and more!

    Please start thinking about the cool things you’d like to build with Dot!

    • Iota Labs

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