Update Week #4

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    Hey Dot Community,

    It's already been one month! Here's our update for the week with a cool demo of our LIFX use case with active ranging!

    Our app is approaching a very testable state, which means we can move our developer beta program up to late November. Our javascript developer tools are working and we are testing it internally to work out the kinks. We also have our data model built so you can store dots, apps, etc seamlessly. The key point of this is that all data is stored locally so it's secure to external intrusion. Here's a quick sneak peak at our UI in action with our LIFX use case. It's a bit hard to see, but as we walk closer to the Dot, the signal indicator strengthens, turning on the Dot, and does the reverse when we walk away from the Dot. This demonstrates our live ranging ability:


    Progress is being made on the hardware front. We are in the final stages of making a fully functional developer board that you guys can get your hands on and create use cases for.

    We are also in the testing stages of our LED board to figure out which is the brightest and most dispersive so that our Dots can be seen easily.

    Our final BOM will be made and be ready to be sent out to manufacturers so we can get appropriate quotes and develop the relationship to get our Dots to you out in time!

    Developer Beta Program
    We are planning to send out free boards to interested developers. We are crafting a survey that will gauge the skill set of each interested dev.

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