Smart Watch / Pebble Companion App

  • Walking around with your smartphone is of course one option to interact with your dots. But what about smart watches?

    My phone lays around at some place, I don't mind, but when transforming to a couch potato my watch connects with a nearby dot and the ambient light changes.

    Using BLE one device can connect with multiple Bluetooth devices. So how about writing an Pebble Companion App for this use case? (

    Android Wear or Apple Watch may also be interesting for other smart watch owners.

  • administrators

    @timo.baehr We are definitely going to have smart watch companion apps. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to travel around your house while still being able to use Dot.

  • This is a brilliant idea.
    Means the phone just needs to be in range of the pebble/watch and not always on you as you move around.

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