Update Week #3

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    Hey Dot Community,

    Generally, our odd week updates will be a copy of our Kickstarter updates, so if you've been keeping track, then you won't see new information here.


    We’ve been hard at work building the backend of our app out. This includes everything from managing Bluetooth connections, working with different integrations, and configuring servers. We finally have an early preview of parts of our app UI. The part we want to start showing today is our connecting Dot process. Some of the screens are closer to final, some are just placeholders (like the add name + mod to a Dot screen - seen in video).

    In general, the screens we show can change heavily in design, color, fonts, etc. We want to get your feedback on general flow of the app in the coming weeks and months, so if something seems confusing, let us know! Or, if you want to see more information, or more features, feel free to chime in.

    Here’s a quick photo view of some screens:


    Here’s a demo of adding a Dot, and then a quick cool use case using Google Maps and iOS 10’s new notification system (starts at 45s):



    These past 2 weeks we have worked hard to improve our firmware for quick connectivity and responsiveness. We were also able to explore different case materials, mainly playing around with silicone. Silicone is a flexible material that is a synthetic rubber created from bonded silicon and oxygen. This material allows Dot to be a tasteful and aesthetic addition to your home.

    For the Kickstarter, our case was made from vero-black on a precise 3D printer. The new cases we make, which we’ll be ready to show in a month, will be even smoother and more photogenic.

    One cool thing we’ve made for hardware is an LED testing board. We’ve decided to pick a new LED that diffuses and spreads evenly across our case’s surface. To rapidly test a variety of different types of LEDs, we made a completely new board that allows us to procedurally test each new design. Here’s a sneak peek of it:


    Survey and Developer Beta Program

    We want to thank everyone for being responsive to our survey. It helps us get vital information that improves Dot. We’ve almost collected everyone’s information. If any of you have changes to your order like color preference, feel free to message me on Kickstarter so I can make a note for your account.

    A great outcome of the survey is that over 700 of you expressed interest in our Developer Beta Program! This program will start in January where we provide free development boards to backers most interested in testing our hardware, app, and developer tools. We’ll announce the process for being involved in this program soon. Unfortunately, space is limited because we are providing boards for free.


    Team Dot

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