Update Week #2

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    Hey Dot Community,

    Here's our update for week 2. In general, we're getting into the groove of posting more quality updates. We want to show you as much possible in regards to photos and demos. Right now we're still incorporating the weekly update process into our schedule. So let us know what other stuff you'd like to see in this.


    Our mobile team here at Iota Labs has been very busy over the last few weeks building out the first few components of our redesigned app!

    0_1475528142504_Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 1.54.43 PM.png

    Here’s a very rough preview of one of the UI Screens we’re working on. We’d love to hear your feedback about what you want to see in the app! Many things in this will change like the specific colors, fonts, etc.

    These two screens outline the first few things you'll see when you open the Dot app for the first time. Next week, we'll show you a more finalized version of this screen and a couple others relating to manipulating a Dot.

    Apart from UI, we’ve also been hard at work on our Javascript integration layer. It’s now possible to seamlessly run Javascript from within the Dot app. Expect an update on how you can contribute and write your own apps for Dot soon!


    Hardware - This past week we worked hard improving our firmware for quick connectivity and responsiveness. This allowed us to have some really cool demos in conjunction with the software team. We were also able to explore different case materials, mainly playing around with silicone. Silicone is a flexible material that is a synthetic rubber created from bonded silicon and oxygen. This material allows Dot to be a tasteful and aesthetic addition to your home.

    In general, we are planning to add more pictures and content to these updates. Leave any questions below.

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